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2015 is a year of many exciting digital marketing trends. Content marketing will keep growing, video marketing will become bigger, small businesses will greatly benefit from one-click payment on social media and more online services and websites will be mobile optimised. That is some of many digital marketing tendencies upcoming in 2015.

Year after year digital marketing is evolving. With this rapid growth, have you been keeping up with the emerging digital marketing trends in previous years? These infographics will help you keep on top of the upcoming tendencies digital marketing is moving towards. Better keep up or you might be left behind 🙂

Content, Mobile, Personalization - Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

The main prediction to take away from this infographic is that, “we expect more companies will commission explainer videos and make them a bigger part of their user experience and lead generation strategy in 2015.”


SocialMedia Marketing Trends for 2015

Social Media as your probably have noticed is becoming more visual. With studies showing that posts with videos attract three times more inbound links than plain text posts, it’s no surprise video on social media is being chosen by more and more business as their content type.


The State of Digital Marketing 2015

In this infographic we can learn about studies done on tactics used by businesses to encourage interaction. A whopping over 70% of B2C and B2B businesses are using video to encourage interaction.


11 Social Media Predictions for 2015 from 11 SocialMedia CEOs

“Social media users will use more visual content to reach their tribes – it’s proven that the more visual communication is , the more it is remembered; it makes a greater impact… & more smiles.” – LeAnna J. Carey, CEO


5 advertising predictions for 2015

“Despite the smaller screens, mobile will be the primary platform where digital videos are consumed. The ease of consuming video on mobile has allowed for unprecedented growth and scale – specially for brands who take advantage of this opportunity”


B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2015

In 2015 top 5 most effective B2B tactics are in-person events, webinars/webcasts, videos, blogs and case studies.


Digital Marketing Trends 2015

“Content Marketing is said to make an even greater impact in 2015. Money from PPC, SEO and social media will be allocated to content.”


2015 Digital Marketing Horoscope

“Video is quickly becoming the content medium of choice for countless consumers looking for information and entertainment online. Therefore, video should be a fundamental part of your content marketing approach in 2015.” – Steve Garfield, founder of Boston Media Makers


10 Video Marketing Trends for 2015

In 2015 interactive videos including games, surveys and social sharing buttons will become mainstream.


Video Marketing Statistics and Trends 2015

Looking to the future, it is said that in 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video.

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