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What makes a good explainer video for business?

A good explainer video grabs and holds your attention to the end while delivering a clear message. It’s important that the explainer is as informative as it is entertaining, which is probably the hardest part of making one. When you watch an explainer video and at the end you are thinking “aha! I get it now”, then you know that you’ve watched a good explainer video.

To achieve that you need a near-perfect combination of good design, flowing animation, captivating script and enticing voiceover. Below are some examples of explainer videos that got it or were close to getting it right.

Explainer Video for eBay

Explainer Video for Business - Ebay Explainer Video for Business - Ebay Explainer Video for Business - Ebay

The simplicity of the illustration in this explainer video is simply great. There’s just enough detail for our brains to determine what the objects are, flat design done right. The contrast between the grayscale objects and the objects in eBay is a brilliant idea.

The thing I like the most about this video is the animation. The subtle details and excellent flow from scene to scene. It almost seems like the animation is so nice to watch, the viewer’s focus is taken away from the message and stuck on the eye-candy.

The music is pretty generic in my opinion, but the sound design is spot on. There’s just enough sound effects here and there to put more emphasis on the animation. And of course, you gotta like the British voiceover accent – it makes anything seem fancier, to me anyway.

Explainer Video for MacPaw

Explainer Video for Business - MacPawExplainer Video for Business - MacPaw Explainer Video for Business - MacPaw

Wow! This explainer video for MacPaw  is just awesome. So short, yet gets the message across so well. I actually already own the app that this explainer is promoting, but if I didn’t, I would definitely be considering it.

Great atmosphere created here with just a colour scheme, animation and sound effects. At the start the cool tones make you feel the cold and the subtle freezing cold wind sound help with that. Then in contrast we go inside to warm colours and inviting Xmas music.

The awesome little story is great too. It’s an unusual character using a computer, yet we can easily relate to him and his problem. It keeps our interest until the culmination of the video, which then gets the business’s selling point across and leaves the viewer hanging and expecting and then ending. I’m not sure if they made a continuation of this, but perhaps they should.


Explainer Video for Hider 2

Explainer Video for Business - Hider 2 Explainer Video for Business - Hider 2 Explainer Video for Business - Hider 2

This explainer video is on the cheeky side. It disarms the audience and makes the story more relatable.

The colour scheme and music are pretty mediocre, but the animation is not bad. I’m not a big fan of the voiceover. It seems outdated and generic, and doesn’t fit the innovation of the product. The reason this explainer is on the list is because it has a good combination of entertainment and information, which is often quite tricky to achieve.


Explainer Video for KiFi

Explainer Video for Business - Kifi Explainer Video for Business - Kifi Explainer Video for Business - Kifi

Now you could say that this explainer video isn’t flashy – it doesn’t contain awesome animations nor beautiful illustration.

But what this explainer video does well is explain. Before watching this video, I’d never heard of KiFi. With well-designed bits of information, supported by subtle animation, I was able to get a good understanding of what KiFi does with that “aha! I get it” moment.

Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple and not overwhelm the viewer with a ton of visuals that distract them from the message. This explainer is a perfect example of that.


Explainer Video for TradeHero

Explainer Video for Business - TradeHero Explainer Video for Business - TradeHero Explainer Video for Business - TradeHero

The trade market isn’t really something we associate with fun and entertainment. When I think stocks… well, I don’t think about stocks, because they are boring. But not in this video.

This explainer video makes a topic that is often associated with complicated and boring into something fun and cool. I’m really impressed with the colour scheme, flow and rhythm of the animation.

In contrast to the previous explainer, sometimes it is important to create a lot of visuals to explain something that is normally associated with being bored or confused.

Which one was your favourite?

Leave a comment down below and let us know which one of these explainer videos you like the most or you might suggest a different one than listed here.

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