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Challenge Completed!

As I write this blog post, it is the last day of my 25 day challenge. I gave myself a challenge of creating something for 25 days in a row. To see the results check out my Facebook feed.


Why do the 25 day challenge?

Well, like anyone else, I struggled with procrastination. I would get things done, but I knew I wasn’t nearly as productive as I needed to be. I would try different things, from productivity apps to browser extensions that block websites. Sure, those are great, but they only help a little. The problem lays in human psychology. We are by nature lazy; we try to do as little as we can to achieve the most. You could say that is efficiency, which it is, but so is it laziness. You see, our primitive ancestors (I’m talking about cavemen) would preserve energy and only do what they needed in order to survive. These primitive instincts and many more stayed with us. I learnt this and several techniques of how to work with these instincts from an online course that I highly recommend. It’s called Productivity Strategies to Destroy Your Inner Procrastinator.


What is the challenge?

You’ve probably watched or heard of a show called Seinfeld. What you might not know is that Seinfeld (the lead role) was the writer of the show as well. When asked how he managed to consistently write such good scripts for the show, he would say that he simply set himself a goal of writing half a page of text per day. Of course, some days he would write more, but he was consistently  writing scripts and the fact that he would cross out a day on a wall calendar each day made his productivity streak more visual.  The thought of breaking that streak really motivated him to keep going.

Then we have a look at habits. There have been plenty of studies done on habits, and the results indicated that people need 25 days on average to develop a habit. This could of course vary from person to person.

So basically, the challenge is doing something consecutively, day by day, to develop a productive habit.


How to get started

If you have goals set, think of a habit that would help you achieve your top priority goal. For example, your goal is that you want to run a marathon, so your 25 day challenge will be to run around the block once every day. If you run more, that’s great, but the point is to develop a habit. If you run consistently, sooner or later you will run a marathon easily.

If you don’t have goals set, then set a goal. I came across this awesome goal book that’s actually made in Melbourne (awesome). Use that book or just a notepad to write down a goal and figure out a habit that will help you achieve it.


The reward

The biggest reward for me after completing the challenge is having the habit of creating something. I came back home from a whole day of shooting photos for a large project on the other side of the city and was extremely tired. However, out of habit I sat down at my computer and started thinking of the last thing I would create as part of my challenge, then thought that I would love to share this technique with you guys.

Another reward is the whole feeling of winning and achieving something, which gave me lots of energy for my next 25 day challenge, whatever that may be 🙂


Get started!

Guys, if you take on the challenge, I would love to hear about it. Send me a message or leave a comment below. Good luck!

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