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Business plan, marketing plan, career plan, holiday plan are some of many types of plans that successful people are using to reach their goals. In an upcoming article i will talk about awesome ways of putting together plans.

My Marketing Plan

I’ve got a brilliant plan for this blog. Regular content on digital marketing, video production, inspiring photos and quotes and even an ebook. Plans are great, they give you a lot of clarity on what you have to do to achieve your goal, but plans are only plans until they are put into action. Due to human nature following your plan can be quite hard. We are by nature very economical – we try to do the least amount of work to get the job done. In other words we are lazy by nature. Luckily there are things you can do to combat your human instincts. Here are some great tips to help you stick to your plan and achieve your desired goal.

1. Get Excited!

One of the best ways to get through your marketing plan is to be excited about it. Make sure your marketing plan is something you are excited about and can’t wait to get started on. Try rewarding yourself every time you complete a planned step towards your goal. If that means having some chocolate (in moderation) or playing a game, do it! Another way to be excited about your plan is to plan something that you actually really like doing. Something you can’t wait to get started on when you open your eyes in the morning. This is the best way, but not everyone is able to do this for various reasons. Often we must do things we don’t particularly like to achieve the desired goal. That’s why rewarding yourself for completing a planned task is also very good, because you can motivate yourself to complete steps you don’t feel like doing. So, if you’re lucky enough to be able to complete tasks that you’re excited about to reach your goal, do it! But if the steps on the path towards your goal are steep, make sure you reward yourself every step of the way.

2. Picture The Outcome

So, your plan is to become the best in your field. You have planned all the steps you need to take to get there, but you kind of lose hope sometimes. Don’t worry, that happens to everyone, but the difference between successful people and not is the ability to regain hope and keep going. Try imagining yourself being the best in your field. Yes, that means closing your eyes and picturing yourself as the leader in your industry. Whatever that might look like. For example if you’re a photographer, try imagining your photos in a big magazines like National Geographic or Playboy if your into that kind of photography, or even receiving an award in front of a crowd. Some bodybuilders will photoshop their faces on the body they are working towards getting. Either imagining or photoshopping are both powerful motivational tools that you can pull out of your toolbox when you lose hope and want to keep going with your marketing plan.

3. Schedule

In a calendar, schedule the tasks needed to complete your marketing plan. If it’s a large plan and you think it might take you a few months, schedule the steps a couple of months in advance. You will have a clear idea of what you need to do and how long it will take. This is something that I strongly recommend doing. There are many apps out there that allow you to sync your calendar across all devices, so you can always check what’s next in your marketing plan. Personally, I like using an app called Wunderlist. It’s like a to-do list that sync between all your devices. You can prioritise tasks and give them deadlines. You can also categorise your tasks, so if you have multiple marketing plans or projects, you can easily organise your tasks.

4. Reminders

Set reminders in your calendar or chosen app. This way you will never forget your tasks and sticking to your marketing plan is easy. Smartphone calendars will let you set reminders that will make your phone vibrate or play sound effects. Apps like Wunderlist will send you an e-mail and pop up an on-screen notification. Reminders are not only good for helping to stick to a marketing plan, they are also good to stay relaxed and not have to worry. Knowing that you can clear your mind and focus on whatever you are doing now is great. Having reminders allows you to do that, because you know that what you have to do is saved into a calendar and you will be reminded about it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Tell everyone

Create accountability by telling all your friends and family about your marketing plan. For some people being accountable to someone else is a powerful motivational tool. When you tell your friends and family about your marketing plan and the deadline you want to complete it by, you will be motivated to finish it in time, because you feel accountable. Another great way is to join a group of people with similar plans or goals and help each other out by reporting your progress. Social media is a good way of doing this, build a relationship with a likeminded person in your field and report in on what you are up to.

6. Now Vs Later

Try putting things into time perspective. Will what you are doing now be of benefit for you in the future? You have a marketing plan and you know that when you complete it, there will be an awesome reward at the end, but it takes time to get there. So, it’s easier to get some instant gratification by eating a donut or playing a game, but is that going to help you in the long run? Maybe if you want to be a competitive eater or gamer. The point here is that if you know that sticking to your marketing plan and completing tasks towards it will bring an awesome reward in the future, this will help you stick to your marketing plan and put less important things for later, when the task is done.

7. Break it down

If you’re having trouble sticking to your marketing plan, because it seems overwhelming, then it probably is. The mistake here is that your goal is hard to get to and your marketing plan takes a lot of tasks to get there, but you didn’t break it down into enough steps. Simply break down the steps you have into “bite size” tasks that are quick and easy to complete. Once you complete a few of the tasks you will get some momentum going and reaching the goal will come in no time.

8. Don’t Burn Out

This is something I know about far too well. Over-working yourself is not good, you may complete many tasks in a short amount of time, but in the long run you will burn yourself out and you won’t be able to work for a while. It’s way better to stay consistent and complete tasks a few at a time, instead of staying up all night and not being able to function the next day. Remember you’re only human, go easy on yourself and sticking to your marketing plan will be a piece of cake.

9. Monitor Progress

Make sure you look back at your progress and give yourself a good pat on the back or even better reward yourself with a nice dinner. Keeping a diary is a great way to keep track of your progress and how you were feeling throughout completing your marketing plan. You can also just take occasional notes or screenshots and sort them by date to easily look back at what you have achieved. This will help you stay motivated and sticking to your marketing plan will not be a problem.

10. Yes You Can

Research shows that you can “run out” of self-control, but the same research shows that you can counteract by simply believing you can do it. So when you feel like giving up on your marketing  plan, just believe you have the self-control to keep going and stick to your marketing plan. Seriously read the research, it’s fascinating.

First Article!

This was my very first article. I’m going to apply these tips to help me get through my plan and deliver more great content on this blog. So, let me know if you found any of these tips useful!

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